So my quest to health and fitness after becoming a mother started in 2009.  I did 3 cycles of P90X, many cycles of Jillian Michael’s videos and several other attempts on other videos.  Doing those were a huge sacrifice for me because it didn’t fit my personality.  It worked for me at that time because I had to do something to zap the pounds I gained in both pregnancies while getting busy at being a mom and a small business owner.  It’s just way too boring to do your own workout at home.  It worked and they were effective but after a long time they were just another boring routine.

In 2011 I started joining challenges like Warrior Dash, Hybrid Adventure Games, etc.  Training for these challenges allows you to do variety of things you’ve never done before when it comes to health and fitness. These challenges have their way of contributing to your health and fitness addiction.  They are great fuel to do even more and more to challenge yourself.

In early 2012, I read a book called the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris then Tim’s 2nd book 4-Hour Body.  I took it upon myself to embrace 4-Hour Body and did everything the book did and it worked!  Shed pounds and the lifestyle/diet change seemed to be sustainable.  After reading about Paleolithic and how it’s worked for many people around the world, I made the transition to practice Paleolithic and I love it!  It’s so easy and very sustainable!

Come April 2013, I finally got enough courage to join CrossFit and I will never look back! I found my fitness home at CrossFit.  I love and enjoy it!  It’s so different than a lot of fitness regimen I’ve ever done and I’m so in love!  It’s portable when you travel and it’s never boring!

It’s simply amazing!  Fitness heaven if you ask me!


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