Southeast Asia

I’ve contacted and consulted travel bloggers about this route and after telling them I only have 25 days to make it happen I could tell their reluctance just by reading their e-mail. They all told me I couldn’t do it all in that short window but I’m one that loves proving people wrong and I sure did!  The only thing I would probably do next time I repeat the route is have about 6 months to enjoy and delve into the local culture.

Here’s the route…

1. PDX>YVR>GouangZou,China>BKK by Plane

2. Bangkok, Thailand to Chiang Mai, Thailand on a 15-Hour sleeper bus ride (amazing experience I must say!)

3. Chiang Mai>Chiang Khong, Thailand>Cross the Mekong River to the Laos Side on quick boat ride

4. Houayxiay, Laos>Pakbeng Village, Laos>Luang Prabang, Laos on an epic 2-day slow boat ride (everyone doing this route should most def experience the 2-day slow boat ride!  You haven’t done SEAsia unless you’ve done this.)

5. Luang Prabang>Vientiane, Laos (by 7 hour sleeper bus ride)

6. Vientiane>DaLat, Vietnam>Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (on a 40-Hour Sleeper bus ride – I wouldn’t recommend this particular route.  I would go head to Cambodia first then Vietnam).  Our situation was different that we had to do this route to get to Vietnam.

7. Ho Chi Minh>Pnom Penh, Cambodia>Siem Reap, Cambodia (by 7 hour bus ride)

8. Siem Reap>Bangkok (by bus)

9. BKK>CEB, Philippines (by Plane)

10. CEB>BKK (by Plane.  next flight the next day so we slept at the airport very uncomfortably to wait for our next flight)

11. BKK>GouangZou, China>YVR>PDX (by plane and we’re home!!!)

This journey was amazing!  The food were especially great and the people/locals were super friendly!  I would do it again but changing one specific route and just change #6.


2 Responses to Southeast Asia

  1. bloomeeorg says:

    Your travels look AMAZING! I’m envious 🙂

  2. Thanks! It was an awesome and humbling experience! I’m addicted! 🙂

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