Backpacking Adventure

Let’s see, how did all these craziness started?

I came to the US in 2000 when I was 21 with my parents and 2 littler siblings.  Since then I’ve worked hard and never took real vacations other than the occasional visits to motherland, the Philippines.  I can’t really consider it vacation when all’s I’m doing is going home.  I had to grow up fast and take responsibilities here in the US.  I paid mortgage, racked up credit card debts, be the big sissy to my littler siblings, etc.  After I finished all that responsibilities I created more responsibilities with building my own family and settling down.  The best job ever is becoming a mother!  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Last year, I took my entire family to a big reunion visit to Motherland.  My husband got to meet everyone and my boys loved it there!  These boys were born to love the tropics! Even my husband who grew up in the US loved it there!  Before going home to the Philippines I started this blog to help US immigrants and guide them through the early stages of being immigrants.  Unfortunately due to the nature of my profession, my company asked me to take it down.  Don’t ask me why.

About a year or two prior to creating the previous blog, I read the book 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris and it opened my eyes so wide that I never looked at retirement the same way again.  I agree with the premise of the book and taking mini-retirements.  During that time I was also on my way to find what works for me in terms of health and fitness.  I started a quest for it after deciding I’m not having children anymore and 2 is enough for us.  I came across another Tim Ferris’s book The 4-Hour Body which lead me to read the 4-Hour Workweek again.  Since then I’ve conducted endless and sometimes sleepless nights researching information I read from that book and came across the best information blogging could ever provide me during these times.  The idea of traveling at a fraction of the usual cost by backpacking and living in hostels.  I discovered a new world that I never knew existed out there.  I have also since then been a member of  Then I read the $100 start-up by Chris Guillebeau and Chris’s story.  I’ve used Chris’s guides at Unconventional Guides to help me in many areas especially on my first backpacking trip!  You should definitely check out his cool guides especially the guide that’s helped me the most during my travels Frequent Flyer Master.  A lot of amazing things are happening out there because of great minds like these two.  My family will always be my biggest motivator but these two authors are the inspiration that opened the door for me to start blogging, backpacking and have mini-retirements along the way.

Last year, after having been in my small business for 4 years.  I decided to take my family to the homeland, the Philippines to attend my 2nd mom (my grandmother’s) 90th birthday.  We had a blast and enjoyed every moment of the 5 weeks we were there.  It gave me the opportunity to soul search, process all the information I gathered from the above mentioned authors and make up my mind about launching another blog that will be a combination of my new passion; health & fitness, frugal mom and backpacking all over the world.  That visit was oh so special.  It was my grandmother’s last birthday.  We visited her on her birthday month August 2012 and she passed Nov. 2012.  She was a huge part of what I’ve now become.  A successful entrepreneur, mother and wife.  She will be missed and will live in my heart forever!  Just blogging about my grandmother makes me cry.  I so miss her!

My grandmother’s passing was the moment that sealed the deal for me.  Life is too short and I believe we all have a decision to make NOW; to live life and enrich it with experience or to continue to live it like everyone else in what they like to label the rat race.  I decided that the rat race don’t exist and never did.  It’s only a state of mind that we create in our little brains.  We can make a choice and I’m proud to say I have made mine.

Since then I have been inspired by the many blogs I’ve read along the way.  After endless blog readings and just a few days, I decided to launch the first ever Cavemom Backpacking Adventure!  Southeast Asia was a natural choice for me because it’s inexpensive and it’s where I’m from.  I asked friends and families to come join me but I was going to do it whether I was alone or not with the blessing of my husband and kids.  Six months later we made it happen and I’m so proud to share it with you all moms and dads out there!  It’s amazing what roadblocks you overcome when you decide to just get up and do it!  We made it happen and the events will be documented using this blog!

I can’t wait to do more backpacking trips so stay in touch and in tuned!


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