About the Blog

Left: 2006  Right:  May 2013 after 2 Kids

Left: 2006
Right: May 2013 after 2 Kids

Just an ordinary mom who knows a little extra! This is to send you moms out there a message that you don’t need to be extraordinary because you’re already superheroes!!!

I’m a busy mom of two, wife and small business owner who’s living the caveman lifestyle (hence Cavemom) & enjoys a bloody UFC fight! I’m a mom who finally found what works for her after an evolution of diets, diet plans, books and self-help videos with unending online research. Like most teenagers and young adults, I ate anything and everything I could. Twenty-six in Oct. 2005 came and pregnant with my first son, Kaden. Gained over 50lbs and never shed all of it until I got pregnant again with my 2nd son came Jan. 2009. I was on track to gain 50lbs again but my second son Taylor came out 3 months pre-mature.  Fast forward to about October 2009, I recovered from my c-section, my baby is well and I was ready to start my quest with health and fitness. Remember, a true plan don’t work over night so if something promises you over night results, run the other way!

Popularized by the CrossFit community, the paleolithic diet (the caveman diet) works for me but I still have to have my cheat day. Most of the time cheat day is either Saturday or Sunday. Now I’m healthier than pre-baby body! I don’t count calories and I don’t care about my weight! All I care about is that my clothes fit and I look good and feel good in it.

This blog started from a simple quest to health and fitness.  Since being a mommy is my favorite job,  am putting my own twist to the caveman diet and transforming it to specialize in moms around the world and that’s when Cavemom came along.  The Cavemom Lifestyle is a combination of embracing Paleo, training with Crossfit, traveling on a budget like backpacking and simply being a mom leading by example in our respective households.

My blog started as a picture blog but it’s evolved to be a blog of encouragement to moms all over the world!  Staying fit and living the Cavemom (derived from Caveman) lifestyle is super easy and it works! It’s the only thing I have kept since 2012. I’m planning to do it for a lifetime and my kids and husband are incorporating it in their own diets as well. Although they are not very caveman strict, they still incorporate it. Please don’t force your entire family into doing it.  Just be a great example.  This blog is also a tool for me to develop my skill in writing so forgive some of the grammar that might be imperfect.  I hope to write a book in my future so I have to practice.

My workout routine used to be lots of MMA Boxing. Recently (April 2013) I bought a temporary discounted months worth of CrossFit training from Groupon with CrossFit PDX and I am inlove! CrossFit is the only workout that’s zapping my stubborn mid belly section and extra belly skin from being pregnant! The great outdoors is also a great gym alternative so I utilize the outdoors a whole lot for unconventional workout routines especially when I’m training for Hybrid Adventure Games or any other crazy challenges I embark upon!  Since Hybrid Adventure Games inception in Portland, Oregon, I have been involved every year; haven’t missed it and don’t plan on missing it at all!  It’s badass and I enjoy doing it a lot!  Three years in a row so far!

To all the moms and dads out there, you’re the true every day hero on this planet and I adore all of you! A lot of dads out there deserves just as much credit as moms especially my dear husband who’s the best dad there is so here’s to all you dads as well!



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