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Like most of you I started with the big box company who has deep pockets to market their products when it comes to shoes but deliver very poor performance.  From blisters and painful shins you name it.  I even tried the ones with shock absorbers on them.  It looks fancy but it sure doesn’t perform as fancy as it looks!  It’s easy to follow the crowd and wear the same brand shoes for CrossFit or running.  I love CrossFit but I am not in love with running yet.  I go to CrossFit 4 times a week and when I’m not in the box, I train on my running to get better at it so I go on recovery runs 3 times a week.

After several complaints to several people about expensive shoes and poor performance my Aunt pointed me to the direction I have never been before.  Go to running shoe store and pick the not so popular ones and follow the store’s recommendation.  She guaranteed my happiness so I did.  I started wearing Mizuno shoes for running in 2010 and I never looked back.  To this day I still wear Mizunos, even for CrossFit.  I’m being persuaded daily to try the official CrossFit shoe brand but I see it as another big box company who is popular because of their deep pockets in marketing but yet deliver poor performance.  I give it the benefit of the doubt though because a lot of people in our box seems to be satisfied with them but I needed to develop my relationship with running and so I set out to search for the next shoe brand that I’m going to fall in love with and this time I researched minimalist type running shoes.

They swear it’s like running barefoot – we shall see.

Running and I have a true love and hate relationship.  With running, when you don’t have the right shoes, it’s tough to fall in love with it.  I realize again, I need to not only find a great performing minimalist shoes, I need to follow my Aunt’s advice on this round of my shoes search…”go to the running shoe store and talk to the store then asked about high performing minimalist running shoes who deliver performance instead of awareness through heavy marketing” – of course with the new world of technology, I didn’t really go to the shoe store – I just researched online.

I ordered this color!  I can't wait to try it!

I ordered this color! I can’t wait to try it!

Introducing Skora.  I took advantage of the sale that’s going on right now “buy2save“; buy two pairs save 15%.  Oh and did I mention free shipping?  I am fascinated by this company!  I’m a sucker for companies with awesome stories and deliver what people really need in the areas they are trying to excel.  This company is also a local company based out of Portland, Oregon.  I ordered my first two pairs of Skoras online and I hope to finally fall in love with running in these shoes.  Everyone else did!  I feel that in order to develop your relationship with running and to love and enjoy running, a great performing shoes is one of the must.

A fun mix of color!

A fun mix of color!

So far I’m impressed with Skora’s quality and sleek look.  And made of goat skin?  Who makes shoes with goat skin anymore?  Oh how I wish I had discovered this shoes before backpacking Asia.  I mostly wore my running shoes while backpacking SEAsia.  I will be writing a review of Skora’s performance after wearing it for a while with CrossFit and running.  I’m very excited to put it through the test!  Stay tuned.


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Background in real estate investing, insurance and financial services including banking & lending in both consumer and commercial for 15+ years. She is forever a student and an addict of personal development who reads 1 book a week.
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